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I Love My Danes!  They are my family and I will never be without a Great Dane in my life.

I got my first Great Dane in 1978.  He was advertised in the Omaha World Herald for $25.  The family who had him got him at 6 weeks and by 12 weeks, they decided he was going to get to big for them.  Rocky was not registered and was clearly not a well bred baby but, his sweet and silly personality sold me on the breed.  From that time on I have not been without a Great Dane in my life.   


Until the mid 1990s I was heavily involved in showing nationwide in the American Quarter Horse Association.  I was fully immersed in breeding and showing horses and my Great Danes were my companions who loved going to the shows with me.

In the late 1990s when I was no longer traveling to horse shows I made a decision to breed Great Danes. My Molly Mo was the mother of my first litters.  She lived to 12 1/2 years, and one of her daughters who I kept lived to a month short of her 13th birthday.  


In 2015 I got my first European Dane.  Sweet Pea (Akeem's Sachs So Sweet) was born in the US from imported parents.  She produced two big beautiful litters of puppies, bred to Ruti (Cerruti Queen of Harlequins) who I imported from Queen of Harlequins.

Forward to today.... I currently have two puppy girls, Lil Mo and Pie Pie, from the Sweet Pea x Ruti litters and have imported a female puppy from Claudia Bohemica.  Halo (Halo Star Claudia Bohemica) is by World Winner Abrus Star Claudia Bohemica and out of Multi Champion XOXO Claudia Bohemica.  My sire is Jazz (Sachs' I Got Rhythm).  Jazz is a grandson of the amazing European Multi Champion McLaren Claudia Bohemica and

Firefly Von der Ofnethohle.  

Also in my home are my retired pair, Sweet Pea and Ruti. 

I expect them to be with me for many more years!  

My dogs are my family.  Everyone lives inside my home and has a home for life.  I hold myself to the same standards as I expect from families who adopt my puppies.  I breed to the Great Dane Standard which means my dogs pedigrees are color pure, and have correct conformation. They all have wonderful temperaments. My commitment to responsible breeding means I will only breed a couple of litters a year.  I will not breed any dog that does not meet my expectations as an adult, and I will not rehome retired dogs. 

Anyone who tells you their dogs are family or their heart and soul,

yet they keep them in outdoor kennels, is not being honest. 

Who would let a family member live outside in a kennel?

In 1990 I moved from my hometown of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, to Florida.  I was originally located in the Ocala area.  In 2002 I moved to St Augustine in northeast Florida.


In 2021 I moved to a small acreage in Hastings, Florida, near St Augustine.  

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